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"Give Me A Break," by various artists, cast album of the rock musical

• The Passage," recorded by Richard Theisen,
September 1, 2001
The Passage is the musical journey of Arion. An 8th century poet and musician who encounters three extraterrestrial sisters from the Pleiades, and learns his true destiny.

Track Listings
1. Starseed
2. Arion's Dream
3. Oceanova 17
4. Return of the Lioness
5. Vivianna
6. Gina's Charade
7. White Buffalo
8. Antonia
9. The Passage
10. La Premiere' Lumiere'

Editorial Reviews
About the Artist
Award winner, songwriter, composer, playwright, performing artist, producer and keyboardist
Richard Theisen has built a successful career in the music business from the studio to the stage. Even though he has toured extensively, he has always resided in his hometown of Dallas, TX. Richard's film credits include: Beverly Hills Cop as co-writer of the grammy award winning album cut, "Rock n Roll Me Again" performed by The System; and Thinking Big & Perfect Profile as the composer of the soundtracks for AFC Pictures. He has won numerous awards, including a Telly, for his industrial soundtracks. His corporate clients have included J. C. Penney, as well as, a number of other Fortune 500 companies. His theatrical credits include co-writing and performing in the international touring production of American Jukebox and co-writing, arranging and co-producing the music for When I Was A Dinosaur, the theatrical tracks and the album that includes the Dixie Chicks as the Dino Sisters. Having produced a number of albums with several artists of various styles, Richard's main musical focus now is in the world beat and new age genre of which “The Passage” is his debut album.

• "Covers" by Techs and The Roadies

October 1, 1999
Wonderful light rock covers of your favorite classic rock songs you once listened to by the Doors, Crosby Stills and Nash, Van Morrison, the Beatles and others. Also includes two original songs 

Track Listings
1. I've Just Seen A Face
2. Riders On The Storm
3. Long Tall Texan
4. Jefferson Road
5. For What It's Worth
6. Fishin'
7. Trouble Let Me Rest In Peace
8. For No One
9. Love The One Your With
10. 4 & 20
11. Moondance

About the Artist
Chris Albert and his band have performed in the Branson, Mo. area for years and are the local favorites. You'll love their covers your favorite classic rock songs and two their own songs.

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• "Texas Fantasy,"  recorded by Texas Fantasy

• "Dallas Dance," recorded by Texas Fantasy

• "Barbe'," recorded by Barbara McMillen

• "Only For You," recorded by Barbara McMillen